One of my most profound experiences was probably something that seemed like such a “little thing” to the other person. It was a sweet nursery worker who made such a lasting impact in my life. An impact that I will not soon forget.


We all have an opportunity to make a difference. Even in the small things. In fact, we can make a really big difference in the small things.


We were visiting a new church for the first time and I took a deep breath as I headed toward the nursery. Sawyer was in tow, his chubby little fingers intertwined with mine.


I just wanted to be able to drop him off and go. But, due to his delays, I usually had to preface our first few visits with an explanation. For once, I would have loved to not have to go through the typical scripted conversation. “He has some delays….He’s not potty trained….Yes, he's five years old, but can he go to the 3 year old class because it’s more developmentally appropriate for him?”  




Why couldn’t anything come easy for Sawyer? I shouldn’t have to preface anything in order for people to accept him. I wish I could have just dropped him off, given him a kiss and said “see you in an hour”. But nope, there had to be that awkward conversation of trying to help people understand. I know I was actually prefacing it to help them understand, not necessarily accept. But sometimes I believed the lie that the enemy whispered. Sometimes, in the back of my mind,  I was afraid that if I didn’t “explain” his delays, that he might get looked at with concern, judgement or a turned up nose.  Maybe there was no validity in my thoughts, nevertheless, they plagued me.


Insert nursery worker.


“Hi. This is Sawyer. He’s super social and not clingy, but he’s a little fussy this evening because his tummy is hurting him (he struggled with severe constipation).”  


“Hi Sawyer” she said as she knelt down to lovingly look in his eyes. Placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, she began to pray. “Jesus…”I heard her whisper. I couldn’t hear the rest of her prayer but knew she was praying for his comfort.


Her Love. Her Compassion. Her Acceptance.


The memory still moves me to tears. It moved my heart in a way that I will never forget. This precious woman had no idea what a blessing she gave me that evening. No explanation was required of my baby’s situation. Just sheer acceptance.


What was probably such a little thing to her, was a really big thing to me and my mama heart.


Friends, no act of kindness is too small. I wonder how many times in our seemingly monotonous life, do we engage in the “little things”. Maybe it’s a text. Maybe it’s a card. A phone call. A hug. A prayer. A smile. Whatever the little things are, let’s keep doing them. Because… they make a difference. They really do. And what seems like a little thing, can turn out to be a “really big thing”  to someone else.


Summer GordonComment