We each have a past. That past is part of our story. For most of us, there is a lot of “ugly” that colors our story. We want to forget that part…erase it…pretend that it never happened. Perhaps it was mistakes. Words. Abuse. Neglect. Rejection. Failures. Addiction.

We have a choice to make…

What will we do with our story?

Will we share the hurts, the pain, and the ugly? Or will we hide behind a pretty façade, a perfectly posed Instagram picture, and a life that appears to have it all together? The truth is, it’s in the broken pieces that people can relate.  It’s in the realness that people find healing. When we choose to share our story, ugly and all, it gives our brokenness purpose. It ministers to others. They know that they are not alone. They know that they can overcome. They know that Jesus will carry them.

It’s in the brokenness that God draws us close to him. When we choose to be transparent, God can be glorified.

Your brokenness has a purpose.

 It is not in vain.

 I think back on Job. He lost everything. His family. His health. His livestock. His wealth. And after all of that, he said

“I had heard of you before but now my eyes have seen you” Job 42:5

 Job made that statement because it was in his brokenness that he grew to truly know the Lord. The Lord drew near to him. And THAT is the beautiful blessing of brokenness.

Think about the stories that have impacted you the most. Rarely are we moved by the stories of people who have lived a flawless life. It’s those who have gone through the valley, experienced heartache, or have failed tremendously that inspire us the most. Those are the stories that encourage us to keep moving forward…the stories that give hope. Because maybe, just maybe, the same God that helped them through their fire, will help us through ours.

Just last week, I shared a meal with a friend. We were catching up and she was filling me in on the latest events of her life. I know her story. It’s a painful one.  She was telling me of her new job and how she was relieved that “no one knew”. Her words made my heart hurt. I get it. I completely get it. Her story hurts. It comes with deep pain and shame. I was sad for my friend.  Sad because she has boldly shared her story in the past. I’ve stood by her side and watched her share. Her words flowed with brokenness and a humble heart, God was glorified, and her story received purpose. And now, here she was again, struggling with the pain of her yesterday’s. Trying to hide. Robbing herself of the continued healing. Depriving others of the blessing of God’s faithfulness through her story.  I don’t judge my friend. I empathize completely. But my friend taught me that just because we have shared our story in the past, doesn’t mean we have “arrived” to this place of complete transparency. It’s a continuous journey. One of humility and vulnerability.

Have you shared your story?

What’s is holding you back?

 Are you afraid of rejection? Afraid of the shame?

I understand. I get it. Our stories hurt. Friend, I urge you, free yourself from the bondage… Free yourself from the past. Share your story! You don’t have to shout your story from the rooftops. Start by sharing with your spouse, your neighbor, or your best friend. You will be amazed at how Jesus will use your brokenness and give it purpose. Don’t rob yourself of the blessing of allowing God to use your story. Don’t rob others of the hope that your story brings. There is no greater honor, than for the Lord to use your life.

What if you don’t have this big illustrious story or baggage? What if your story is yelling at your children or being short tempered with your spouse? Well, then share that too…sharing the day to day struggles also blesses others.

 Maybe you are going through a trial now and are keeping quiet. You’re waiting until God pulls you through. You’re waiting for the happy ending. Let me encourage you. Jesus doesn’t have to have a happy ending to use your story. In fact, it’s in the middle of our trial that we have the opportunity to shine the most! His light permeates the cracks.

When you choose to share your story, it becomes your testimony….and THAT is a powerful thing.

So much love,



Summer GordonComment